“This is the finest work of modern art this century. ADDesign’s employees’ are truly outstanding themesmiths and geniouses of our generation.” -richard


“I absolutely love this! my droid X is now more awesome than any of my friends :)” -Holli


“DanDroidOS approved! Lots of beautiful well made icons! This Dev puts love in her themes!” -Dan


“Need to make more of your themes for ADW! <3 them & your wonderful icon detail.” -Autz

“This is another great theme. Almost all of my themes are yours, you are quite talented. Keep them coming, Thank you.” -Buffy

“Very nice!!! I have quite a few of your themes and I love them all. Keep up the great work and updates.” -Renee

“Chya Black and red icons are perfect for liquid Rom. Developer is awesome at communicating to customers. Love it. :D” -Dustin

“Anything by ADDesigns is great and worth the purchase!” -Azalea

“One of my favorite themes by my favorite developer!” -Brandi

“Second fave!  Another winner next to the Inverted Warp theme. This theme developers is genius and implements quality!”-Meeka…Mocha