ADW Launcher Themes

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ADW Launcher Themes

A couple of months ago I started designing themes for the ADW.Launcher application by Anderweb.  If you are not familiar with this home replacement application, I highly suggest you check it out!  It’s available for free in the Android market and runs on Android devices running the 1.6 (Donut) OS and higher.

For more information or help using ADW.Launcher, please check out an extremely helpful online resource Complete Guide to ADW.

I have several themes listed in the Android market that are designed specifically for this home customization application.  Please note: You must have ADW.Launcher installed on your device first in order to apply my themes to it.  The ADW Themes are not standalone applications, meaning they require another application to run. Therefore, you will not see the option to “Open” or launch the theme itself from your list of apps or the market.   If this is still unclear to you, please  follow the directions provided in the link above with detailed information on all things related to ADW.

Here is a quick list of my current ADW Themes:

  • ADWTheme – Binary Blue
  • ADWTheme – Binary Green
  • ADWTheme – Binary Pink
  • ADWTheme – BlackBrushedCarbon
  • ADWTheme – BlackGold
  • ADWTheme – CandyColorSwap
  • ADWTheme – ColorWarp (Lite & Full Versions)
  • ADWTheme – Cyandroid Remix
  • ADWTheme – DigitalSoul
  • ADWTheme – DigitalSoul in Blue
  • ADWTheme – DigitalSoul in Green
  • ADWTheme – DroidArmor (Lite & Full Versions)
  • ADWTheme – FRAMED (this theme has almost 400 custom icons)!
  • ADWTheme – HoneycombMixx
  • ADWTheme – LoveMyDunks
  • ADWTheme – MidnightPurple
  • ADWTheme – MissDroid
  • ADWTheme – MissDroid in Blue
  • ADWTheme – MissDroid in Minty Green
  • ADWTheme – MissDroid in Purple
  • ADWTheme – NeonPinkNGreen
  • ADWTheme – PinkyBubble
  • ADWTheme – PlatinumEdge
  • ADWTheme – Scratched
  • ADWTheme – Solace
  • ADWTheme – SpaceBound
  • ADWTheme – TantiBaci
  • ADWTheme – Trippy

I have received over fifty requests to make new (or my existing alternate home themes into) ADW Themes.  Please know that I take note of all your requests, but will only handle those that I am able at the moment.  Currently I’m in the process of developing my existing alternate home themes to be ADW Themes.  Please keep in mind,  this process takes as much time as if I were creating a brand new theme, as for the switch to ADW Themes from alternative home themes requires me to tweak the design and completely re-code the application.

With that said, I am working 16 hr days/7 days a week in order to keep up with my workload…so your patience, understanding, and continued support is greatly appreciated!!

Screen shots can be found in the new Web App Store for Android.